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ᴛᴇᴛʀɪɴᴏ moving forward

Due to various work and study commitments I’ve been a bit lapse on writing content for this here site. For that I am to be shamed. Regardless, now that university is officially over and I’ve settled into the working life, I can finally kick things into progress.


ᴛᴇᴛʀɪɴᴏ: The brand and a brief word on accessibility

Frankly I’m terrible at branding, but to start with it’s time to solidify the small thing I’m building up. With this in mind, TETRINO as a brand (stylised ᴛᴇᴛʀɪɴᴏ) is being collected into an actual entity on social media (and other outlets) and all further releases made as personal work will be under this brand.

Ideally, any contract work would also be under this brand, so if everything goes to plan you’ll see ᴛᴇᴛʀɪɴᴏ in many other places soon enough.

Of course there are accessibility issues to be raised with this style of lettering, especially as Text to Speech does not enjoy smallcaps (often just assuming it’s blank). Due to this, despite my love for the look, the social media presence is remaining regular text.

The goal is to avoid causing accessibility troubles for as many people as possible. All future uploaded images will also have accessibility text added through Twitter Image Descriptions and the Facebook equivalent. This reasoning is also why the website branding is remaining “TETRINO” in all-caps – text-to-speech can handle it fine.

I wont be removing or adjusting the previous smallcaps-only tweets as they have little in the way of important information.



I’m working on a couple of primary projects right now that I’m excited to write about, and will have more public information soon.

Project 1: VRAccess

With time on my side I’m finally able to continue work on my VR accessibility plugin VRAccess (working title, may be permanent), focusing on implementing an easy-to-use subtitling toolkit for use in VR applications. Further information on this will be released shortly, however my main workload currently is in building a proof of concept for distribution amongst deaf and hearing-impaired VR community members for feedback.

The toolkit is being built for use in Unity 5.x and (hopefully) above and relies on the VRTK. The intent is to port it to other engines when possible, but I find it’s easier to focus on one engine at a time.

When the first phase of VRAccess is complete there should be a usable subtitling system that not only allows for subtitling of objects dynamically, but also allow for indication of where those objects are in 3D space

Project 2: Project Carter

I have gushed about this project on Twitter before, but to simplify: Project Carter is a free-release game, designed to be a hybrid of FTL, Factorio and Rimworld wherein you the player must guide a sleeper ship to a new home for humanity.

You have to juggle failing systems, crew relationships and the limited resources you have at your disposal to ensure that humankind reaches a new destination. Losing a crew member may not be the end of your run, and sometimes such sacrifices must be made to save the thousands kept on ice, waiting for a new home.

As I spoke of in the above thread, I grew up watching all of these deep science fiction universes that filled their worlds with great – if fake – science. Things felt real, you understood why everything worked. Technobabble was still technobollocks, but it was the dogs technobollocks.

Yet we never really had a game that properly explores this concept. We’ve had some that grazed the top of it, and plenty that simulates group-bridge play (Artemis Bridge Simulator being the most well known) but nothing really let you dig deep in maintaining these systems long term. Though, Hellion sure looks promising.

Project Carter is me taking the core concept behind FTL: Faster Than Light (simple management of crew and systems) and building the antithesis. The ship has resource flow and power management to consider, but that’s not the half of it. Too much power could blow a fuse – but which one out of the hundreds? Has the fuel intake valve for the lower port RCS thruster locked open again? Did a bolt on the hull get sheered off during that collision with a meteorite? Do we have to route coolant through a corridor else risk losing our frozen payload?

I’m not expecting Project Carter to be a popular game, but I don’t need it to be. I’d be building it for myself, on my own time. But, if people want it, it’ll be freely available. Further information on this will be coming once I’ve finished wrapping up VRAccess.

Other things…

I’ve a few smaller projects on the go that will be announced in due time. Some of them visual, some musical, some for existing games I’ve nothing to do with (being a fan of machinima and having made some in the past). However to answer some questions I received privately:

VRscosity, which was my dissertation project will be released for free to everyone who wants it within the next couple of days.

How Small We Are is a slow-burner project I work on to relax from these other things and work, so it’ll come but I cannot set a firm date.


Social media

The brand Twitter account is to be the main access point on social media, however a Facebook and YouTube presence exists for cross-posting and (hopeful but impossible) avoidance of freebootingSpecifically the second definition on Wiktionary.

There is also the Discord channel for those that wish to join and have a quiet natter.

There is a locked off Bandcamp and Patreon page for when the time is right to unlock them, and to be honest I’m primarily sitting on them in order to prevent malicious URL grabbing so don’t expect the Patreon to be public for a while. Bandcamp may become public once one of the few projects I’m focusing on comes to fruition.


To close…

The next year or so is going to be an exciting time for me, as I hope it is for all of you. I will finally push myself to where I’d like to be, and I’d like all of you to join me on this adventure!