I am Jon “Moose” Tetrino. My previous work was in the visual effects industry for film and television, but today I am a software engineer by trade, leaving the visual arts as a hobby.

If you’re looking at this website then you are looking at a place I’ve not used much, and am currently rethinking the purpose of. If you’re after an up to day CV, then the best place is my Linked In.

If you’d like to see some of my writing, though outdated, you can check out the posts via the navigation above.

I’m typically friendly, so feel free to get in touch!


You can contact me through Twitter for a speedy response, Linked In, or email to jon@tetrino.com.


The below is slightly outdated but the statements still ring mostly true.

Written Content

The site mainly consists of articles on games, music, occasionally film and their associated technologies. This is alongside development and production blogs for anything along those lines I produce.

Produced Content

Software and media, essentially. I am a creative, I enjoy trying things and producing things for others to enjoy.

Occasionally I will be posting content on various media accounts, as well as here, for your viewing and listening pleasure. Usually they will be CGI or ambient music work, but considering I have tried several things in the past, I honestly cannot tell you what will happen!

Live Content

I have returned to Twitch.tv for various activities, primarily relaxed gaming with my partner, but also expect to see live game development, music composition and film production.

Supporting Me

It is usually around this point in an introduction that someone will turn around and say “support my Patreon!”


The fact is, this website has costs that are negligible to me, and as nice as it would be to have this website as my sole source of income in some distant, magical future, the fact is that I wouldn’t have any idea where to take myself after the fact. A website for the next ten years is all well and good, but it won’t serve me in retirement, even if it lasts that long.

So no, no Patreon or other long-term fund raising. If I need money for a project, I’ll setup a Go Fund Me page for that specific thing and leave it at that. At least for now. I am, however, sitting on the domain so that nobody can run off with it, however.

Support me by linking my content if you enjoy it. Sharing around my work is arguably the only reliable way you can helpfully show your support for what I do. Of course, sending me a good message or two via Twitter always helps me feel good about myself.

The Future

This is going to last a long time, so I hope. I cannot say what the future holds for it, or myself, but with any luck we’ll be reading this back in a couple of years, and my writing ability would have improved tremendously, as would the interest in my work. But we’ll find out.